Group Training

Benefits of Group Training

Providing motivation – Group exercise under the guidance of a trainer can be very beneficial for both the individual and the group, primarily because you receive constant encouragement and motivation. Training on your own you might fall into the habit of losing motivation, forget to push yourself to the next level or quite simply “cut corners” and only do half as much as you thought you would. When people start working out as a group, stamina increases and the group itself encourages and pushes individual members to achieve their goals.

Price competitive – Group training is less expensive than training one-on-one with a personal trainer and is often comparable in price to a gym membership. You can find a group exercise class to suit any budget.

Providing routine – Often people join a group exercise class as it helps them commit to an exercise routine. You commit to paying in advance, can lock it in the diary and are accountable to show up. Plus, if you don’t turn up you will often get a call from me to find out why!

Physical and mental health – Group training can also assist with your physical and mental wellbeing. It is one thing to have a goal; it is another thing to challenge the mind so you can achieve it!

Enjoyment – Group training is not only a source of mental and physical health but it also provides real enjoyment, which we rarely take from other spheres of life. Training with others is supportive, fun and entertaining; you can laugh with each other as you push your body to the next level of fitness.

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