Personal Training

Reach your goals faster with one-on-one sessions

Full Fitness Testing with Initial Consultation

Benefits of One-on-One Personal Training

Expert Instruction: One of the biggest benefits of working one-on-one with a personal trainer is the ability to receive expert instruction on what is necessary for an individual to achieve their fitness goals. As a certified trainer I can educate you about fat loss, nutrition, exercise and other matters related to personal fitness. Many individuals are unable to lose weight on their own or if they do, are unable to maintain the weight loss. This can trigger a cycle of fluctuating weight loss and weight gain which in turn can lead to mild depression or eating disorders. One-on-one training will make the difference in maintaining your weight and fitness.

Speedier Results: As a personal trainer I have been taught to understand what is necessary to help you improve fitness levels, so I am well-equipped to dispense advice that will help speed up your fitness process. I have “insider” secrets about exercise, fitness and diet. In addition I know how to safely prescribe a fitness plan that is specific to you, taking into account any past or present health conditions or injuries.

Accountability: People often fail to meet their fitness loss goals because of a lack of accountability. If you know that you will be quizzed by me each week regarding your eating habits and fitness, you will be less likely to cheat!

Motivation: A lack of motivation is one of the primary reasons why people fail in their to reach their goals. I will help to provide a level of intensity of motivation that you might not be able to provide yourself.

Tailor-Made Program: I will create a tailor-made program for you, typically to help you successfully target problem areas. As a qualified trainer I will be able to determine what type of workout regime is best for their clients. Working with me one-on-one you will enjoy expert instruction and speedier results.

I will design a comprehensive personal program and through support and expertise will keep you moving towards your success, while maintaining a positive genuine concern for your exercise progress. I will support you towards your fitness goals and keep you focused on the rewards of your success. When you reach your exercise plateau, I will redesign your workout to advance you to your next level so you continue to achieve maximum benefit for your efforts. By changing your exercise workout, your personal training program remains fresh, fun, new, challenging and keeps your interest.

Your initial one-on-one training session takes the form of a full fitness test. During this session you will learn correct form for your prescribed activities and I will be able to make any necessary changes to your program based upon your current fitness level and ability. This will aid me in assessing how long it will take for you to exceed you goals