Specialised Training

A 30 minute metabolic workout that lasts 24hrs .Metafitâ„¢ combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval and Tabata techniques to set the metabolism on fire! No expensive kit required for this workout, each month Metafitâ„¢ instructors receive a new 25 minute, branded workout to challenge you. No workout is the same so you don’t get the same repetition you get from expensive Gym classes. Get ahead and join the Metafit revolution


A fitness session for those serious about increasing muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance and destroying fat. It’s 30 minutes of hard-core exercise that will test anyone and dramatically change your body composition. Edurus uses Slam balls, kettle bells, battle ropes, power bags, weight vests, bodyweight exercise and seriously big water bottles to push you to your limits. Edurus will burn more kilojoules than you thought you possibly could. Are you up to the test?


Reaction; Agility; Fitness and Teamwork. This is aimed at children and teenagers using team-style games. Research has shown that children who are physically active regularly do better in tests, have better memory and concentration and even better grades. In fact, children who exercise are regularly more ready and willing to learn in school. They behave better, have better attendance records, better self-esteem and are a healthier weight.