WAPOL and ADF online training.

Successful programming to take you beyond the fitness requirements for WAPOL and ADF Entry

Welcome to The Edurus Fitness Physical entry testing programming! This program is specifically designed to assist you in exceeding the fitness requirements of Police and military entry and preparing you for the rigorous fitness training you will undergo once you have gained entry. You’ll receive an effective and comprehensive exercise program; designed to give you the edge through effective techniques, strength training, endurance and speed.
Edurus Fitness has a specific strength and cardio program to get you over the line and prepared for either your six months in the academy or the 80+ days of military entry training.

There are several steps used to attain these requirements

Step One – Initial Fitness Testing

This is your starting point to ensure you  know exactly what is required to pass the test physically through comprehensive online instruction. You will receive a detailed breakdown of every aspect of the agility test to help you perform better. From there you will be assessed on technique and where you can improve on to knock vital time, from your test score. You will be required to run the beep test to gauge your current fitness level. You will be coached in how to keep pace with each level so you don’t expend too much energy and burn out early. The push up test is used to assess the areas you lack in to allow you to perform the academy requirements. from here we move to step two.

Step Two – Goal Setting

All too often those trying to pass fitness testing don’t really know where to start. Edurus Fitness will prepare a comprehensive training program so you can track your progress regularly, whilst increasing the load to keep you advancing beyond your requirements

Step Three – Training

Your training begins immediately and doesn’t just cover the fitness level required to pass the test. You’ll have comprehensive access to detailed videos showing techniques to improve your performances and learn how to mentally overcome those little obstacles that lurk in the back of your mind and often hold you back from succeeding.

Step Four – Motivation and Support

Reaching your goals in life is never easy and one of the greatest obstacles to achieving them is staying motivated. You should firstly remind yourself that you have a time frame in which to succeed. Throughout your preparation you will have to overcome the biggest obstacle and that is the realisation you may be further from your goals that you expected and the entry test is closer than you could imagine. Fear not, this is normal and Edurus Fitness is experienced in breaking down those barriers and motivating you to exceed what you might think is not possible. You’ll also have VIP support and feedback from Edurus fitness to ensure continued motivation and improvement,

Step Five – Monitor your Progress

Monitoring and recording your progress is what Edurus Fitness do constantly to keep you motivated and show how quickly you are progressing during your journey towards your expected fitness level. Each time you train online and record your results they will be collated into an easy to understand graph showing you all areas of improvement and allowing you to fully understand how you are progressing.

Step Six – Maintenance

Well done, you reached your ultimate goal! Maintaining your new, fit and healthy self can be just as hard as reaching it. Once you have achieved your final target don’t sever ties with all the programme and lifestyle changes that helped you get there. Keep up good relationships with your fitness professionals and keep yourself educated so that you avoid falling behind before you actually start your journey through the academy or military training facility. Remember, the fitness test is just that, once you are in, the real hard yards begin. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be for you.